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Market Research 

Practically everything we’re involved in is a numbers game.  To help us understand the facts, the Pew Research Center is an excellent place to retrieve data, public opinions and social attitudes on the issues and trends shaping the world in a detailed statistical breakdown measured by polls, surveys and facts.  Understand your market in depth by using their abundant analysis here.

Still the best free service out built on an excellent platform, Google Analytics may be all you need on demographic research of all types. Very simple and easy to use.

Small Business Resources

Visit to make sure you get all the details you need on tax issues.

Getting small business help with the right guidance has never been easier.  Thanks to SCORE–a non-profit organization dedicated to helping emerging entrepreneurs  through education and mentoring, providing information on subjects that range from the legal side of business, taxation and loans.  All of this through a convenient and inexpensive platform–and often times even free!  Score is made up of of a vast network of over 13,000 volunteers.

Some of their services include, webinars, low-cost workshops and free confidential counseling.  All from small business owners who are both retired and currently developing and operating ventures.  The positive energy of associating with like-minded business people is worth checking out alone, but you’ll likely find a reason to stay for the relationships that the group makes possible.  Find out how to get in touch with the Score chapter in your area here.

If your interested in direct sales or MLM, be sure to visit

For swift and affordable legal access to some of the best lawyers in North America, check out the Legal Shield pre-paid monthly membership plans that can help you from traffic violations, identity theft protection, to writing your will, they have the experienced attorneys to help you.

Be sure to stop by Legal Zoom, a premier one stop shop for documentation on everything from business formation, copyright, patents, trademarks to real estate.  Legal Zoom has been a trusted online source for myriads of people for over a decade and provides convenience and efficiency seamlessly.  They also offer a personal legal plan that may be more cost effective then Legal Shield for certain types of services.

Web Resources

WordPress has blossomed tremendously since it’s inception as a simple blogging tool to now becoming a complete content management system for creating professional websites for the novice and advanced user alike who want to establish a solid online identity and create brands.  Clients as large as Volkswagen, Mashable and CNN all use WordPress and over 22% of all new websites are ran on the WordPress platform including  Know your in good company when building a business, brand or sharing your thoughts through blogging with a free open source supportive community.

After you’ve formed your idea for your website or blog, you’re going to need a solid, reliable and dependable host to make sure you page is visible and can handle an influx of traffic from happy visitors.  We suggest Bluehost and here’s why.  Though there are a ton of hosts out there with great services, but Bluehost in our experience has been second to non in the most important part of hosting and that is customer service.  Call any time of day or night 24/7 to get help for anything you need.  Patient experts, unlimited domains registrations, unlimited e-mail accounts and unlimited hosting space that can be managed under one account for less then $10 a month are just a few of the perks.  Another great thing is that tech support is extremely proficient in assisting you with third-party mediums such as WordPress, Joomla etc., and this Bluhost is amazingly compatible with these content management systems among others.  When you choose a host, save yourself time, energy and money by going blue.

Everyone could use some technical help as the world continues it’s transition from from brick and mortar to click and order.  No problem.  Wordcamp has you covered if you’re building your site through the WordPress platform.  Get a chance to meet tech buffs, intermediate developers and beginners who will give you a crash course on things you never thought were imaginable for you to do in web design.  Many of the camps extend for several days to ensure you have the complete tools you need.  Meet some very cool people, enjoy lunch and make some solid connections in an amazing community. Worldwide, camps are going on now.  See what free or low-cost camps are in your area by visiting


For high quality photos, video, audio and other illustrative work that is safe to use iStockphoto is a great choice.  It’s the internet’s original member-generated image and design site. is a very good site for getting artistic inspired multimedia and you can search within there creative commons to find free images to use.