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Featured Article

Did you know that people are spending well over 200 billion dollars annually online in the U.S. alone?  Thrive Online gives you some eye-opening nuggets on the opportunities that exist for being entrepreneurial in the information age.


Be A Cash Champion provides a practical strategy to getting in control of your finances no matter what your present income is.


Home based business opportunities are becoming the new Plan A for millions of people every year. The piece Network Marketing, Is It For You? gives you a look into the world of an industry that finds ordinary people who are in such of an extraordinary path.

Own Your Niche discusses some of the characteristics, principals and actions that you can adopt to create distinction and leadership in the market that you want to influence.

10 Pitfalls To Avoid in Business addresses some of the common follies that handicaps growing entrepreneurs and how you can avoid them.

When new entrepreneurs start out, one of the biggest challenges they face is viewing their work as being good enough to charge for.  Why You Deserve to Get Paid illustrates some important reasons why you shouldn’t short change yourself.

Personal Development

Has goal-setting ever felt like a long, torturous, time consuming process for you?  Not to worry!  With, The Truth About Goals, you can develop a very exciting approach to achievement in any area of your life.

Money, relationships and health are major areas that we can find ourselves at odds with in our pursuits.  In Beating The Odds, we take a look at how you can prepare for those challenges while on the journey of striving to live your best life.

Everything that you need to excel is already inside of you.  It may just be a matter of rediscovering your magic and using it.  The Winners Circle illustrates how harmonious your world can be when you sing tunes in the notes that compliment your voice.

The Need for Self Esteem is a wake up call for all of us to realize our importance in the world, as this is often the missing link between what we would like to happen in our life and what we will make happen.

When Is It Time For a New Lifestyle? encourages you to both evaluate and dispel limiting belief systems that may have been running your life so that you can rediscover the true individual within.

If you’ve ever found yourself unclear as to what options you should exercise, there’s a great chance tat it was due to not being very definitive about what you were seeking.  Using Your Values as Your Guide help you get clear about making choices based on your objectives.

Food for Thought

At It Again is a short story for the passionate creative in all of us.  You’ll take a ride with Karen, a young woman torn between pursuing her gift of writing while facing obstacles that try to rob her of her purpose.

Education can often times be like currency. $10 spent on lunch London wouldn’t satisfy your stomach as much than if you were in say, New Mexico.  How Much is Your Education Worth? expounds on that rationale.

If all the voices on social media and other outlets makes you wish that more people had a muzzle that worked as well as their tongue, than you might enjoy the piece Info Age Etiquette.

Social-Preneur” discusses the importance of creating opportunities to enhance the lives of other people by being a leader in your communication skills.  The business of earning cooperation is important not only in entrepreneurship, but life.  


Have you ever been in a situation where you wished that you would’ve stood up for yourself a little bit more?  Kiss the days of accepting less then you should goodbye, when you become the self-assured person that sets the tone for respect when you Stand Tall.

Networking is a practice where eagerness often dominates sincere interest.  You can be a cut above your peers by taking a fun and thoughtful of doing the little things that make all the difference with, The Craft of Connecting.