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10 Pitfalls To Avoid In Business


1.  Showing a lack of appreciation for those who support you.

Little things go a long way: A thank you letter, a phone call expressing your gratitude, volunteering a service for a client or getting a small gift for those that have been instrumental in helping you can enrich and retain important relationships.

2.  Taking business advice from the wrong people.

It may be relevant to listen to what others have to say, but be cautious as to what you will apply in your business. Poor advice can come from those who don’t have nor have experienced the results that you want. It can also come from those who have nothing to gain or lose from your results and those who simply want to share their theories just for the sake of being heard.

3.  Getting into “tongue wrestling” matches.

There is no reason to try to prove a point to an ignorant person who shows no intention of understanding your ideas. Think about it. If you introduce yourself to someone and they don’t believe that your name is in fact your name and want to argue with you about something that you know is a fact–would you foolishly bother getting into it with them? Naysayers don’t want to see you succeed, but don’t allow their comments to make you question your value or that of your business.

4.  Feeling too high and too low from feedback.

If your validation comes from compliments and praise, then you leave yourself and your decisions in business at the mercy of others to give you approval. In like manner, you can feel uncertain of your worth when people do not tickle your ears. Kind words are nice, but it wouldn’t be wise to rest on them to feel empowered.

5.  Feeling inadequate when observing the strengths of others.

The only person that you have to compare yourself to is the person that you are at present, developing into the person that you’re evolving into. Don’t let your confidence and belief shrink from looking at what your peers have accomplished and the resources that they have. You can experience your own special successes that are unique to your individual purpose and that truly satisfy you.

6.  Associating the value of your business with the price of investment.

This is especially true for those in web-based businesses. The Internet gives us opportunities to use little money to start a business and because of that, we may view our enterprises with less importance than we should. Your attitude may need to change from, “I would only be losing $1,000 dollars if this doesn’t work,” into, “I’ll be earning $100,000 when it does work!”

7.  Neglecting to get on and stay on a personal growth program.

Either you are adding luster to your character or it will begin to decay. Nothing remains the same. No matter how far you have come, you will always have a need to build yourself up, especially as new challenges arise. Focus on one or two key areas that can make all the difference in the world in enhancing your character, making your personality more attractive and strengthening your state of mind.

8.  Being indecisive and taking too long to develop your action steps.

Planning is great, but you cannot allow yourself to just read, think and ponder, especially when you have adequate information and resources to get started. You have to get out there and try something. Actors have bloopers no matter how many times they’ve rehearsed, but if they stopped playing their roles, we wouldn’t have some of the classic films and shows that have made life more interesting and entertaining. Get out their and shake some new hands, even if you don’t know exactly what to say. Launch that campaign even if you haven’t figured out all the numbers. Invest in that product, even if you don’t know if it’s features will take care of all of the problems. There aren’t many steps that cannot be fixed in business. You will win by default with this formula: Take Some Action + Get Some Outcomes + Make Some Adjustments x Have Some Faith & Belief = Achieve Success!

9.  Taking too long to develop a simple system.

The acronym for system is, Save Your Self Time Energy & Money. S.Y.S.T.E.M. A system is a series of processes that when applied, can nearly give you predictable results. Think of McDonald’s. They have a fast food system that is so reliable that teenagers can manage their operations. You may have to try a few things to see what will suit you best in using a system for your business, but it’s more than worth it to develop one! If you want to get in shape physically, then having a practical and simple fitness system that plays to your strengths may be the key. Doing 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and taking a 10 minute brisk walk every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the first month, will surely get you better long-term results than reasoning that you will get in shape from doing Olympic routines sporadically. Get a business system for marketing your products and services, following-up with new contacts, tracking costs, etc.

10.  Giving up right before the good part.

Don’t quit before the callous. Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness. One of the most disheartening things is having an opportunity that you don’t get a chance to embark on because you weren’t ready for it or gave up on. All of your efforts count if you have persistence towards making regular improvements. On the other hand, you cannot deceive yourself into believing that you are ready to have something that you aren’t really ready for. If you want to be a public speaker and you have a small budget to buy some dress shoes but instead choose to buy the latest phone just to stay up on the latest technology, don’t fool yourself! You may not be as serious about business as you think.

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Written By: Waymon Brown. Creator of Email