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The Need for Self Esteem

“There is my Plan A and my Plan B. Plan A is to fulfill my purpose.  Plan B is to refer to plan A.” Waymon Brown

Imagine a person taking their car to an honest mechanic.  Within minutes, the mechanic tells them that they need to replace their engine.  The mechanic knows this repair can be costly, so they decide to give the person a break by offering them a set of tools to fix it themselves free of charge — and even let them use space in their garage.  Despite all of this mechanic’s resourcefulness, it may be safe to say that unless the person feels mechanically inclined, or that they don’t have much to lose by trying, they probably would rather have the mechanic do the work and pay them.  Why?  Well isn’t it because like most people who would be in this situation, they would probably be terrified that they would make things worse than already they are?

Most of us are looking for a way to make some major improvements in our lives.  The fact that we have been delayed, or have not yet been as successful as we would like to be, is not solely due to a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of belief in our own possibilities.

We Tend to Trust Everyone But Ourselves!

When we board an airplane and fly across the country, we don’t personally know the pilots.  We haven’t asked that they be tested for drugs or alcohol, nor have we requested to see their pilots’ licenses.  Nonetheless, we are confident that they are qualified to take us 30,000 feet in the air, fly us over bodies of water, and maybe even weather a turbulent storm for hours at a time.  Yet we’re confident that they’ll land us safely!

With that kind of trust in others, should we not trust ourselves enough to be guided to our personal oasis by using a solid plan for our lives accompanies with the tools and a dedication to experiencing a more rewarding lifestyle?

An Outlook

The author of Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, considered in many circles as the best writer on personal success, mentions in one of his works that; thought, is the only power over which humans have complete, absolute and unquestionable control.  Yet this power is often turned over too those who do not care to see us at our best and have no responsibility in our personal well-being.  The majesty of the power of thought is polarizing then, considering that the influences on the mind come from many different sources.

To help enhance our perspective on the power of thought, Dr. Shad Helmstetter, author of, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself tells us that our internalself-talk has a far greater impact on us than the conversations we have with other people.  However, in order to use our thoughts in an empowering manner to be of greater influence than anything on the outside, it takes serious work.  He also asserts that in order for us to successfully carry out anything that we desire, not only should we plan for goals that require physical action, but just as importantly, we need goals to exercise our mind.

Our programming or, mental conditioning has to be given so much attention from within, because by the time most us have reached 18, we’ve effectively heard the word, “No!”, or you can’t over 100,000 times!  If Dr. Helmstetter’s estimation is even halfway accurate, it should help us to see that we must tend to our minds by feeding it the nourishment to be strong and fit to execute our goals.

The mind is like a field.  It doesn’t care what we plant in it, but it will bear the fruit of what was planted.  If we’re experiencing the equivalent of crabgrass throughout our day in our results, when we thought we should get roses and cherries, then we need to check our seeds.

Make a daily habit of focusing on what you want and need according to the purpose that you have set forth for yourself at this stage in your life.  Your internal dialogue influences your thoughts and thus your feelings and in turn your attitude surrounding what’s in front of you, and that will effect your behavior.  That will be the formula that determines whether or not you take a step forward, a step back or remain motionless.  The accomplished results are in the acts that we are willing to carry out because of a good diet of nutrition for the mind.  This can’t be left up to chance.  Our esteem tells us if experiencing a better life is even worth it at all.

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