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Own Your Niche

Unless you are the heir to a throne, it’s likely that someone has denied you some type of request in the past.  Whether you want to use vacation time at work or if you’d like to take someone out on a date from the gym; being denied happens, even when you’re being sincere and honest in your intentions.  Why is that?

Of course, some denials occurs because people are simply not interested in you or what you want, but in large part, there is usually some type of doubt, skepticism or fear surrounding what you are asking of them.

The manager at the job may think that the office is too busy right now and that your department will fall behind in productivity if you’re away for a couple of weeks.  The person at the gym may think that if the evening on the town doesn’t go so well, things will be awkward every time you see them.

Now what about those requests, that while much more involving, result in a successful response?  There’s the man who hears an enthusiastic, “Yes” when he asks the woman he loves to spend the rest of her life with him.  This type of confident agreeableness comes from a cultivated relationship.  More specifically, a relationship that assures her that she will be under the loving care and protection of someone who has her best interests at heart and will work with her no matter the obstacles, because they are in this together.

The values of security and comfort are something that we all seek to some degree.  We express when we have reached levels of trust all the time.

In more common instances, we show it when we purchase a new computer from a store with a good reputation.  We also do it when we pay our utility bill every month, with the assurance that as long as we do, the lights will come on when we hit the switch.

When we can rely on someone or something to make sure that we are well taken care of, it’s soothing, because we appreciate the feeling of a sure thing.  Whether we realize it or not, in any situation between two or more people, be it a sexual experience or buying a new home, one person is always asking the other – whether vocalized or not — to assume the equal or sometimes, the majority of the responsibility of what takes place within the relationship. They’re looking for a sure thing — risk free experience, or one that doesn’t come with the pain dissatisfaction and disappointment.

The Power

What would this world be like without promises based on commitments?  Risk gets beat out only by providing assurance, which resonates with people as being a type of insurance.

When creating business relationships, consider a few things to help you remove doubt and risk from doing transactions with you.

One thing you can do, is recognize that business is not just a cut and dry matter of a fair exchange for something of equal value.  Simply being fair usually just makes you average, and anything that is only average is usually viewed as being expendable, not indispensable.  Being a great viable option starts with the way you see yourself and the belief about the value and merits that you bring to the table.  You may not think that what you offer in the way of a product or a service as being that special, unique or exclusive, and it very well may be that what you’re offering is readily available elsewhere, but what is not readily available elsewhere is your unique personality, your character, your ability to identify with the right people that you’re meant to do business with and your specialties.  Make these things stand out in your business.

In addition, you should also be committed to offering exceptional care and service experiences.  This can include displaying or sincerely and honestly articulating how a person can reach their needs and desires through your products and services.  One of the regretful types of purchases is when a person gets less than what they expected or even worse, not what they expected at all.  It can be very difficult to ever earn a person’s trust again when this happens.

You can distinguish yourself even further by showing a person that you don’t want them to exhaust more resources than necessary to reach their objectives so either you will provide what is needed for them directly or steer them in the right direction to get what they’re looking for.  Doing less than this is both a disservice to your abilities and their trust.  Set yourself to a higher standard.

Go the Extra Mile…It’s Often a Short Walk

I went to a Hugo Boss store a few years ago to get some suits tailored that I bought from the thrift store. I wanted the Hugo Boss top-shelf look – but I had a well-drink budget. The manager of the store said that they didn’t make alterations to suits unless they were purchased from the store, but he decided to help me out a bit. “I know a guy.” Those were all the words that he needed to say. He provided the contact information for a gentleman who had a great reputation for getting suits to look magazine cover worthy for a noble price.

This store manager understood that I had an objective and even though he couldn’t fulfill that for me personally, he referred me to someone who could. To give me some extra pep in my step, he even provided me with a Hugo Boss garment bag for my suits and that day I proudly walked out of the mall feeling like a million bucks.

I have told that story dozens of times to people I know and now I’m telling it to you too, probably helping Hugo Boss increase its revenue from my single personal experience!

Another positive experience I had was with a cab driver who looked for the shortest route possible to get me to my destination and he waited a couple of blocks to start the meter and even turned it off a block before I got to where he was taking me.  We had a pretty good conversation as well.  Needless to say, I called that driver several times when I needed a ride.

I use these examples to say this.  When it comes to entrepreneurship, you will have to be creative enough to express your worth in the marketplace while making lasting impressions that build trust.  It can start with handling every person with care as an individual.  Take inventory of how you can be a person whom others want to support.

  • Can you be more accessible to those who support you?
  • Can you be an educational leader in your niche?
  • What can you do to be of greater overall service?
  • What can you do to remove doubt and risk from doing business with you?
  • How can you demonstrate that you are the best viable option for a group of people?
  • What can you do to own your niche?

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Written By: Waymon Brown. Creator of Email