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Stand Tall

Who of us could forget the hit T.V. series Family Matters?  Immediately, you may think of an awkward, clumsy, annoying, yet endearing Steve Urkel, as he struggled for years to make something of his professed love for his girl next door crush, Laura Winslow.  Steve worked endlessly to woo Laura with everything, from complex inventions, to embarassing down-right begging, only to be pushed away on countless occasions.

That is until one day, when Steve decided to create an alter-ego of himself to seduce Laura — Stefan Urquelle.  Stefan was everything Laura wanted, which was the opposite of Steve.  He was charming, suave and smooth. Stefan knew what Laura wanted in a man and he knew that he had it.  The result was a spellbound Laura who longed for this Stefan character and ended up requesting that Steve turn back into him time and time again.

Have you ever felt like you were displaying “Urkel-like tendencies” in some area?  It may come to life when you’re engaging in some from of promotional activity within your entrepreneurship.  A stranger or even close friend may say: “No,” “Not interested,” “That’s not going to work,” “Why would you waste time on something like that?,” “How are you going to compete with them?”  This can give us the feeling that we have to go back to the lab and create another concoction of ourselves just to be accepted.

Has your tactic of persuasion been one in which: you often try to convince people that they should support what you’re doing?

In grade school, your teacher told you to sit up straight in a chair so you wouldn’t ruin your posture, because your posture would essentially determine how well you can carry yourself.

Posture is no less important these days, except now, our posture as emeging business people: is how we carry ourselves in the marketplace.  Part of having a strong posture means that we care about helping people through our work, but we’re not attached to any specific outcome so we don’t waste time convincing them of how good our work is.  The reason is because we know that what we’re presenting could be an improvement in their lives and if they choose to decline that, it’s not our loss.

What a powerful yet simple way to look at things when you’re in the trenches that can instantly change our approach!

In order to have this sort of esteem and confidence when you talk to people though, what you represent has to be of quality met with service.  It’s tough to speak boldly about something that isn’t worth its weight.  When you get that part under control, you will notice a big change in the feedback that you get.  You will demand a much higher rate of cooperation based on the way that you present yourself, by having a clear picture of who you are trying to assist and what you can do for them based on your present resources and strengths that are often delivered through the means of a product or service.  The amount of posture that you display will be a solid indicator of the type of quality you get in responses responses.

Soon enough, you will find yourself in a new business outside of the one(s) that you’re in already.  That is The Decision Collection business.  In this field you allow people the opportunity to support you because on the evident value that you can bring them.  The market is wide open.  Stand tall and strike it big!

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Written By: Waymon Brown. Creator of Email